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In-depth Credit Report

In-depth Credit Report (Establishment Background, Organization Chart, Main Department and Functions, Enterprise Qualification, Production Capacity and Equipment, Tendering and Bidding Information, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Situation, Development Plan are increased on the basis of Business Credit Report);
including but not only the below:

Business Credit Report

Business Credit Report (Profile, General Comments, External Investment of Subject, Reverse Check of Legal Representative, Purchasing Channel, Selling Information, Supplier's Evaluation, Customer's Evaluation, Import & Export, Chattel Mortgage Records, Public Media Information, Adverse Record, Financial Statements, Industry Benchmark, Operation Status Analysis and Credit Rating are increased on the basis of Business Profile Report);
including but not only the below:

Business Profile Report

Business Profile Report (Layers of Shareholding, Staff Number, Office Facilities, Main Business and Litigation Records are increased on the basis of Public Records Report);
including but not only the below:

Public Records Report

(Registration Changes, Management, Litigation Records, Trademark and Patent are increased on the basis of Business Registration Report);
including but not only the below:

Business Registration Report

including but not only the below:

The Credit Rating Report

The Credit Rating Report is mainly applicable to invitation to tender & submission of tender, qualification certification etc.

The basic information of the enterprise, the employee information, the business operation status, the administrative and judicial regulation, the internal management status, the business development status, the asset financial status, the goodwill status, the credit rating etc. Wansun Credit will rate the target company according to the unified production standards, the canonical reporting procedures, and the credit rating standards of Guangdong Province. We can guarantee that the report is true, objective and authoritative.

Markets / Platform Move-in Report

The Markets/Platform Move-in Report will be divided into the Credit Records Report and the Credit Rating Report. This type of report are mainly applicable to market move-in qualification examination for intermediary supermarkets, Internet platforms etc. Due to the different move-in requirement of the intermediary markets/platforms, we could adjust the contents of the modules as required.

The Credit Record Report mainly includes the credit records of the target company about the administration, judiciary, media, market and other aspects in the past five years.

The Credit Rating Report not only has the contents of the credit record report, but also adds more information like public information, commercial credit, credit rating, etc.